Together We Rise

Together We Rise

The team and the community make each other stronger

It’s not just about the court and the score boards.

It’s the players and fans, the people, the community. Inspiring each other to rise to new heights.

Together We Rise is a campaign designed to engage the fan base and recruits, and to establish the brand as one of the strongest in college athletics.


Branded Content Campaign Addy Award

Community Teaser

“You play for them. You play for the community… Every little girl out shooting hoops after school.”

Game Time Teaser

“This is what we came for… gotta leave it all on the floor.”

Celebration Teaser

The team works hard, plays hard on the court. Trains year-round. The team is a family… and they know how to kick back and celebrate the victories along the way.

Dunk Teaser

Determination is not just a team sport. You’ve got to do the unexpected. Push yourself to new heights.

Brand Film

“We have a special team… a special group of you women. Brought together for this moment – this season.”