Tallahassee Creates

Tallahassee Creates

Art shapes society

Art expresses the ideals of a civilization and seals them in metal, acrylic, strings, and pirouettes.

Artists and their work exist in a never-ending cycle of creation and inspiration. It’s how they relate to the world around them; it’s how they express their emotions; it’s how they tell their story. Art is personal, and universal.

Tallahassee Creates is a film series that tells the story of the Tallahassee arts culture and the creators who shape it.


Franceschi Public Service Award 2017, Online Film Addy Award, Campaign Addy Award, Emmy Nominee, Telly Award
The Film Series

Sandy Proctor

“I can look at any piece I’ve done and I know who I was at that time. I may not know who I am right now, but I know who I was when I did that.”

The New 76ers

“Music is accessible to everybody… it’s something that’s built into us.”

Strikers Dance Troupe

“(Dance) is a stage that allows you to vent… you can say what you have to say without even speaking.”

Zlatina Staykova

“The way you are going to use the vibrato, the way you are going to use the sound – it’s the way you hear the sound and that is uniquely you.”