Raise the Torch

Raise the Torch

The values and stories of Florida State, past and present, echo in the halls and classrooms

Taking you back to the moral foundation of the university

“Education must give one… a deep appreciation for beauty. The beauty of nature, and of art and music.” -Edward Conradi, FSU President 1909-1941

This film was created for the launch of the Raise the Torch fundraising campaign. The most ambitious fundraising endeavor in FSU history, the goal of the campaign was to raise one billion dollars for improving the student experience and serving as an economic engine for the state through research and job creation.

The film was shot and projected in 4K with a super wide 4:1 aspect ratio on an 80x20ft screen in front of the universities biggest supporters.


Best of Show Addys 2015, Telly Award, CASE Award