Paynes Prairie

Paynes Prairie

Capturing four seasons on the prairie

A four part film series

“The four seasons at Paynes Prairie are distinct experiences. No day here is ever the same.”

The Paynes Prairie Film Series is a collection of stories made to immerse park-goers in the 23,000 acre preserve. Chronicling the seasonally changing flora and fauna of Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, the water cycle of the basin marsh, the fire-driven ecosystem, and the passionate park rangers who preserve it. The films were created to play on a big, wide screen with a booming sound system at Paynes Prairie’s state of the art Visitors Center theater.

The Film Series


“We’re not just planting a tree, we are planting a love of this park.”


“The real hidden mystery of this place lives below the surface.”


“From prescribed fire comes health, life, and a safe habitat for all.”